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FRIENDSHIP: The strongest bond of our fraternity teaching goodwill and harmony, As a member you are united with your Brothers and Sisters to safeguard our members and families in times of adversity and aid those in distress.


LOVE: is the bond that links us together, the basis for all of life's ambitions, service to others and family. Providing neighborliness to our fellow man, which comes only after all hatred envy and selfishness.


TRUTH: is the link which causes us to seek knowledge which will strengthen the courage of young men and women and give solace to our aged. The standard by which we value people, reminds us never to be hasty in our judgements and always generous in our praise.


                  ODD FELLOWSHIP IS:

                  Is a world wide fraternal order having 5,315 units in 26 countries under the leadership of one sovereign body.


                 Is the only Fraternal Order given the privilege and allowed to place a medal (Grand Decoration of Chivalry) in the trophy
                case among the military medals at Arlington National Cemetery.


                 Is the only fraternal order given the privilege to have a Youth Pilgrimage to the United Nations each year. Over $500.000
                is spent on this project annually, having had 42,000 delegates participate since 1950.


                 Is a philosophy of life, the teaching and application of Friendship, Love and Truth; of Faith Hope and Charity; of Universal
                Justice, the principles of our doctrine; the basis for thought and action which will create peace and harmony among men.


Is a fraternal order that is given the privilege to place wreaths on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers every year.


Become a share holder in our World-Wide Fraternity made up of men and women of good character ,who, like YOU, believe in a Supreme Being and desire to promote Universal Brotherhood.


Have a lifetime of Friendships with only a minimal of personal investment, your annual dues and your attendance at meetings of your Lodge.


Share our inspiration to continue expanding our hopes and dreams of a World Wide Brotherhood.


Rejoice in the privilege of participating in the challenges of life through Community Projects.


Through the years your membership can offer you not only friendships throughout the world , but a more purposeful life.


Join with us to accept the responsibility of service to others, and you to shall grow.


Odd Fellows and Rebekahs originated the concept of homes for the aged and the orphans. Still today we maintain over 150 facilities totaling over 300 million dollars in care giving. Giving this care in the spirit of Brother Love has made this concept even more appealing; we have been recognized for years as a leader in Geriatric Care.


Odd Fellows and Rebekahs maintain an Educational Foundation of $3.5 million plus in a revolving loan fund to assist in financing education for worthy college students. Over 3,500 have been assisted from this fund, receiving loans amounting to more than $ 6.7 million since 1927. A series of scholarships are also available in conjunction with the loan program. Contact the Educational Foundation for more details.


Seeing is Believing Our eyes are our contact with the world. To whatever degree we lose sight , we lose touch with our surroundings and the quality of life is affected, we have endowed a chair ($1.5 million) that bears our name at the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute of John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore , Maryland.


We are a major contributor to the Arthritis Foundation USA and Arthritis Society-Canada, having raised $7.5 million in fourteen years. The raising of funds has spanned the gambit of Bowl-a-Thons, Art Shows, Golf Tournaments, Mini Grand Prixs, and Garage Sales.


For more information you can contact your local Odd Fellow Lodge in you community for more details on what they have to offer to your community.